Razan El Maghraby

When I started my blog, even before having my own site it was all about happiness and fun and how to reach them. When I decided to move to my own website, I had a vision of collecting all my writings in one place and to always pursue happiness as much as I can. I had a dream of entering this field for a very long time and here I am with my 1st ever interview to you with one of the most fun characters you can ever meet. She is fun, smart and one of the top. No one can ever deny she is an icon, When I approached her with the idea of “A Fun Chat” a quick interview for my startup blog with light questions and just to have fun she didn't hesitate once, giving this idea a full push Forward and great support.

Here is the great Razan El Maghraby.

1st of all thank you for the opportunity and for allowing this. And let me tell you that I have always been one of your greatest fans…


This is supposed to be fun and light interview, to just have a fun time.

For the warming up questions, these are 10 simple questions to get starting up:

What was the 1st job you ever had?

It was TV presenter at Future TV Lebanon

1st time in front of a camera, how did that feel like?

It felt like I was talking to my love, to my boyfriend, to somebody I love. I kept on looking to the camera and thinking I can see his eyes, I can see him he is looking at me and it felt great. I was just talking, I concentrate on one thing that he was looking at me, I was 15

Tell me more about your childhood, were you a calm kid or were you driving your parents crazy?

I was everything but calm, I wasn't an evil kid but I moved a lot. Like my mother says I danced before I walked. I love dancing, playing music and singing.

If you were to select a movie that you would like to be in its Part 2, What movie would it be that you wish Razan name be on its part 2 poster?

It would be any musical movies throughout the years where I get to sing, dance and act. (Khaly balak men zozo) is one I would choose, My favorite movie is Legends of the fall, its Brad Pitt and romantic, It has a lot of philosophy and i would like to be part of that movie.

What is the one thing from the past that you would never repeat again?

I wouldn't change anything. Maybe just learn how to swim, maybe I would not go to that place where they pushed me and I got phobia from swimming, I want to be able to swim.

What If I gifted you a time machine, which time would you go to and why?

I like sometimes to be in what we call in French La Belle Époque, but every time comes with its positivity and negativity. If I would go back to England where the palaces and the castles and the royalties, less technology but there was no anesthesia. Still, there was Shakespeare, but then Jack the ripper was there at this time.


The poetry age, the Beethoven age, the renaissance when they were making paintings and ballet and music, symphonies and books. intellectual time, and the pharaohs but again l am afraid because of lack of technology in medicine, people would die while removing a tooth back then. As for the future, it is scary, with the social media and technology and smartphones, the cyber world we are living in, it would be scary.

International start you would like to work with 

If I would go back in time it would be Omar El Sherif, Roushdi Abaza, Ahmed Ramzy, oh my god these amazing legends.

When it comes to international stars Ornaldo bloom, I feel the chemistry and charisma. Matthew McConaughey, Jude Law and of course Colin Farrell, I think these are the ones I would like to have worked with. but sure there are others who are great, for example, John Malkovich is a great actor for me.

Do you have pet fears?

Unfortunately, I wasn't raised in a home that had pets, my mom didn't like them because of cleanness and bacteria and all of this, she is she clean. So I wasn't raised in a home with pets, I didn't have. It's a love that I discovered or worked on when I was older and went to England. Am still not super friendly, I love pets but don't have one at home. But I am a dog person, not a cat person, Maybe raise a lion in my backyard :)

Remind me never to visit you

No it will be friendly :)

Are you a coffee person or a tea person?

Am not a fan of both, I used to be a tea person when I lived in England, and shifted to coffee when I moved to the middle east. When I moved to England I started drinking tea because its what you drink. Then when I moved to Lebanon and Cairo I start my day with one Coffee, but mainly am not a fan of both.

Who is your role model?

When I was younger it was the Egyptian Fayrouz, till now. Anyone who has to do with musicals and dancing can be a role model for me, Fayrouz, kitty, Naima Akef, Julie Andrews. All who danced and sang, Julie Garland. Soad Hosny, Nelly, Sherihan, Madonna. Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Dalina, they are all role models. Mainly musical dancers and actors. That is for people in the entertainment field.

In life, it is any woman with strong, any woman who did something to change her life or her misery or her reality. Actually, any success story that had obstacles that needed to be overcome. Anything with pride, knights, the nobles, they always touch me.

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