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Egypt Can

We need to talk because we can't survive living alone, we need to talk because what happens in your country does affect mine too. We need to talk because look how far did war and not talking take us? We need to talk because only by talking we can learn, understand, sympathies and support each other. Under the authority and support of the Egyptian president Abd El Fattah El Sisi, The Egyptian youth launch the amazing WYF (World Youth Forum) in Sharm El Sheikh the city of peace as it is called. When I watch whats going on there, I really feel proud of relating to this generation, in this country, with this president. For many years now the images that had been exported by us is always related to terrorism, civil conflicts, human rights, poverty and so on. But what we see today is a clear message to the whole world that Egypt is ready, and that the Egyptian can, and that the youth are. Egypt is ready for what? Egypt ready to step up among the nations that not ask for but force the whole world to respect them. Egypt showed the whole world tonight what truly Egypt is. When we launched the hashtag #ThisIsEgypt, the main goal was to bypass the networks that have their own agendas, and that we broadcast ourselves to the whole world the true images that reflect the true Egypt. And when we launched this conference and with is the hashtag #WeNeedToTalk, we are informing the whole world that Egypt is ready to take the lead in peace, in bringing the east and the west together. That Egypt is ready to stand amongst the great nations with its head held high, saying that we earned our place among the elite. Egyptian can what? Egyptians can achieve whatever they want once they believe in their dream and goal. That they can accomplish a lot of successes with the support of someone like President El Sisi. from the year 2011 till 2014 we passed the toughest days. A lot of falls and a lot of setbacks, but Egypt always prevail. We always show the world that we can pass by whatever obstacles that come our way and get out of it even stronger. And youth are what? Youth are the future, Egyptian youth are capable of being responsible. They can organize such a huge event with so many details and get it done in this amazing form. They are able of not waiting for tomorrow to bring new opportunities, but rather create their own tomorrows today. Again not in a long time did the Egyptian youth have a president or a political leader who believed in them and gave them all the tools they need so that they create their own future with their own hands. One last word. Whoever decided in this conference in the opening ceremony to hold his/her mobile with his/her country flag as the display photo, I say to that person who inspired the whole attendees to do the same thing I bet you never imagined that it would look like that. That your single act leads to the 1st goal of the conference, uniting nations together, uniting their flags and their people. Proud to be an Egyptian, and I want to say that this is Egypt reaching out to the world, telling them that its ok to be different, its ok to have different shapes and colors, different religions and believes, as long as we all believe in each other and in humanity and in peace…

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