The world won't end tomorrow

There is no doubt that we are passing by troubling and scary days, and whoever said that it is not is either delusional or too scared to admit.

But the world won't end tomorrow…

For the 1st time in these days at least, all humanity is working together to save the world.

For the 1st time in these days, religious, cultural, and social differences are set aside, and humanity is all united.

For the 1st time these days, it doesn’t matter who you are, your age, sex or position, we all have to be one.

For the 1st time these days, our faith is truly being challenged and tested, and the result is up to us.

Humanity passed by many challenges over the history of mankind…

Humanity passed one day by the disaster of diabetes, but insulin was invented and the world did not end.

Humanity passed by the FLU PANDEMIC (Influenza), and the world did not end.

Humanity passed by the CHOLERA, and the world did not end.

Humanity passed by the PLAGUE, and the world did not end.

We passed by many challenges and we will pass by even more in the future, this is life just as it is. This is life testing our faith, testing how much do we believe in God and ourselves.

Mankind and humanity are being tested, will we rise to the challenge and learn to work with each other? Or will we allow our differences to consume us?

Scared? No one said you shouldn’t, it normal to be scared when surrounded by out of control events that pass by us and we can't yet do anything to stop it. But we can, we can slow down this pandemic. The W.H.O. and everyone who passed one day by a medical school is saying the same thing, wash your hands constantly, avoid panics, and avoid unnecessarily gatherings and crowding, stay at home if going out is not a must. The most important ever is to stay positive, to believe that very soon this too shall pass, only with true faith and a true-believing system shall it pass, only by forgetting our differences, I mean the whole world, shall this too pass, and the world will not end tomorrow.

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