The Trial

Imagine there is one giant courtroom, you are standing right inside? where are you sitting? are you the Judge? passing sentences on everyone? are you the prosecutor? interrogating others and pushing them to their breaking points? are you witness who allow being manipulated by them like that? or are you the defendant? who is sitting there defending himself from whatever he was accused of? or the victim? who believes he was wronged by others? where you are sitting says everything.

We enjoy playing gods, we forgot we are humans

The world is becoming a courtroom day after day, we all sit and allow ourselves to judge and be judged. We Judge this and that, without even allowing them to defend themselves or hearing from them in the 1st place. We don’t wait for facts we just pass sentences based on our own beliefs. We give ourselves the right to play gods and judge someone's acts based on only what we see, without even asking ourselves if it is our place to do so. We decide it is our right to do so and we do it.

We are living in a world where the things that shouldn't matter do, where stories can be twisted, a world where truth is not as important as how you say the lie. We became so messed up that in this world people are divided into 2 major groups, one that plays the prosecutors, always using people to their breaking points only to get out their own personal interests. And there are the others who are witnesses and victims. who allow the world to always push them to their breaking points, who live and die by what others say about them.

And the saddest part is both parties are satisfied wither they are in, those who play gods are enjoying their role, and those who voluntarily play victims are also satisfied for being where they are. And truth be said, no powerful

We need to stop living in that room, we need to let go of our role-playing and start living our lives as it was meant to be, to live it for ourselves while remembering the world includes other people than us. We need to stop judging each other and ourselves, We created those courtrooms and allowed it to take over our lives, we certainly have the power to take control of our lives back.

There might be a lot of evil in the world but also there is a lot of good.

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