The Joey / Rachel Effect

Friendship, real friendship is a rare thing and very hard to find. Whenever I watch the phenomenal TV show FRIENDS I realize that after the love of your parents, Friendship is the best thing that can ever happen to you.

For me, each of Joey and Rachel is the best friends anyone can ever hope for. I remember once on a TV interview with FRIENDS cast David (Ross) said that one of LeBlanc’s (Joey) best features is that he always has your back. Aside from having Jennifer Aniston as one of my lifetime favorite actresses, I believe that both her and Matt LeBlanc were the cornerstones of that show.

When I say the Joey / Rachel effect I mean that those two are unique extremes of what a friend should be, I mean that there should be more Rachel and Joey in the world, more pure friendship love. I was angry when they tried to make them fall in love in the show, that was in the begging, but later when they just couldn't make it as a couple the message was then loud and clear. Maybe the fact that they tried to be together was a direct message to everyone who misunderstood that relationship that pure friendship exists. That there is, in fact, a Platonic friendship that maybe not everyone understands, and maybe even fewer get the chance to experience or witness, but it is there. Joey and Rachel are it, over and over they have had each other back and their friends back as well, never did they fail to show love and support to everyone.

I just wish everyone get a chance to have a friend like them. My message to you, be nice, be understanding, be supportive, be Friends, be Joey and Rachel…


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