Just a warning, There sure will be spoilers in this post for both GOT and Avengers fans

“Part of the journey is the end,” said Tony Stark in his message to Potts at the beginning of THE ENDGAME and in the trailer. I believe that the message was meant to the audience actually more than it was for the character Mrs. Potts, it was the cast way to tell the audience that it is ok, you don't need to be sad over someone’s death.

Again before going any further, I need to insist that below are some huge spoilers for both the fans of GOT and Marvel’s Avengers

It is remarkable how both blockbusters decided to end their phenomena with a war, a huge fight where there will be massive losses in lives, whether the number of deaths or the power of strength of the dead characters. After all, great victories require great sacrifices.


I must say that from the “Infinity War” it was clear that there will be major characters losses in the last part, and somehow it was almost certain that Ironman / Tony Stark is one of those losses. In the war against Thanos, the war it self caused a huge deal of insignificant characters death, but in the process of starting the war and ending it, it caused only 2 deaths.

Black Widow/Natasha dies in order to save the team and to spare Hawkeye’s life so that he obtains the “Soul Stone” that has only one condition to obtain it which is to scarify a soul. While Tony Stark lost his life saving not only the Avengers team but the rest of the world when he put on Thanos glove and used the stones to return everything as it used to be. That specific scene was the “only way” that Dr. Strange saw and was hiding from Tony, he knew Tony was going to die and even though he said at the beginning of Infinity War that if it came to saving Tony or the stone he will save the stone, yet when it came to the actual moment he saved Tony, and that was only because he NEEDED him to be alive so that he would be the one who puts on the glove.

As for that scene where Captain America was able to call and use the Thor Hammer, well if anyone recalls that scene from Age of Ultron when they were all trying to move the hammer and no one could, the Cap was almost about to. Since he is probably the only one whose motives are pure selfless and who is moved only by his conscious so he is the only one worthy of using it.

“Change is the only fixed thing”, at the moment before returning the stones to the original places, Captain America shared a look with Bucky where it seems that the last one knew exactly that when the stones are returned captain America will handover the shield, his job was done.

GOT Season 8 (The battle of Winterfell)

It's only known that when it comes to Game of Thrones there is no such thing as a big character who is safe from being killed on the show, after all, we all remember Ned Stark was killed in the very beginning of the show and at the time he was quite the only important character.

I must say by the mid of season 7 I came to that theory that there is this link between Bran and the Night King and that Arya and the Red Lady will have the most effective role in the fight against the dead. To my surprise, nothing happened to the major characters in the show, yet we lost another dragon and a few of the small yet important characters. But, again looking at the whole bigger picture, this war cleared the way so that at the war to take the Iron Throne

1- There would be minimal use of dragons

2- There would be no magic used (by the death of the red lady)

3- There would be no distractions (by ending the Knight King and the white walkers)

Now not only did Jaime Lannister show that he is loyal to the mother of dragons, he fought her fight, hers and the Stark’s which leads us to ask what the hell will happened when he and Taylor faces their sister.

And did anyone notice that GHOST was back?

Season 8 indeed is up to everyone’s expectations, and with 3 more episodes to go there are way too many surprises, shocks and breath taking moments yet to come.

2019 carries the end of two major parts of our lives, but this is life, nothing ever stays the same. But looking at both, Avengers opened the way to Sam to be Captain America, offering a new beginning to the whole world and putting an end to the one creature that was the reason behind all that suffering, Thanos. The same time also at GOT 8, it allowed Greyjoy to die a hero, it allowed the north to fully unite behind Snow, and it allowed Arya to rise. Captain Marvel Just like Bran, there are not useless, they were the means to reach that specific points.

I couldn't be more upset about Tony Stark death and Black Widdow, about losing Captain Steve Rogers and everything. I couldn't be more upset about the endings of my 2 most beloved shows ever, but change happens, Shit happens, and life always goes on. Wars happen, fighting and distractions happen, but only through the endings that there can be and new beginnings, its a pure implementation of the Phoenix myth of Death and rebirth.

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