That kind of compassion

A couple of days ago I came across one of the most beautiful videos I ever saw. A video that is not only amazing, but it has in its compassion and worm feelings that is enough to comfort the whole world. If someone is nice and decent, that is because he was raised at home on good values, if one is supportive that is because he was raised in a healthy balanced home environment. But if this was the case of 100s of people of different ages and genders, then it definitely means that the place where they all belong is the reason behind that. They say that positive energy is one of the best weapons against the Coronavirus (COVID-19), they say that by being positive your immunity rise and make your body able to fight and win that fight. That said, I don’t believe that there is anything that could have been done that matches the amazing video made by the students and staff of ACC School in Zamalek in support of their 9 years old friend Adam who was tested positive for the coronavirus. Watching that video which I am including in this post brings a lot of feelings to me. It brings joy, hope, happiness, optimism and it makes me wonder what they teach those kids at that school to have them all from all grades show that much support. I remember listening to a TV show where the mother of Adam called and said that the school not only supported Adam by calling or making that video, they were in constant defense mood to defend the whole family against whatever rumors said against them. I would love to thank ACC School, staff and students for showing me that there is still good in the world. I am not by any way affiliated with that school; or with Adam, but truly they showed me that education is far more than few words in a textbook, it’s a mentality and a lifestyle…

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