Quit your comfrot zone

Eat Pray Love, Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and Yes Man

3 movies that deliver a specific message in the best way possible, There is no comfort in the comfort zone…

Those 3 movies had been my source of happiness for a long time now, and while some of them are poorly made as a movie, yet the message is clear, “you won't find what you are looking for in your comfort zone.”

In Eat Pray Love, Liz Gilbert played by Julia Roberts took a decision of leaving her comfort zone 1st time by leaving her husband, then she started dating then again after settling she decided to leave her comfort zone for the 2nd time, all in the process of self-build and soul-search.

In that movie, in particular, a character named Luca Spaghetti tried to explain that having fun is a state of mind and a decision and should never be tied to anything, and in fact when Liz started living by that motto “il dolce far niente” meaning the sweetness of doing nothing, once she started believing that she became a better her. She found her self-peace.

In The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Walter Mitty was actually not happy, he was dull. While even the slogan of the magazine her worked in was inspiring, it was “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.” We are talking here about a guy who had never done “anything that's mentionable or worthy.” a daydreamer who usually phase out and imagine stuff, actually moving and traveling and going to the end of the world. The movie didn't solve the issue of him becoming unemployed because that was not the case, but the issue of someone who liked a girl and was never able to maintain a conversation with her. It's a movie that takes “taking risks” to a whole new level, A guy who used to do his work delicately but nothing outside work, to a person who went from the US to Greenland, Iceland, Yemen, Himalayas, and Afghanistan. A person who was on a boat, near a volcano, on a helicopter with a drunk pilot, in the water with a shark. And he did all of that to find a photo negative for his work, but within this, he realized he can do something outside his comfort zone, he doesn't need to escape to the daydream world. In it, Sean Bean who was playing a role said “ Sometimes I don't. If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don't like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it.”

Finally Yes Man, where you find a whole new meaning to saying yes to life. A person “Jim Carry” who never say yes to anything and is just happy being where he is the way he is, was convinced after attending by force a self-help seminar, that he was cursed; if he ever said No to anything bad things will happen to him. So normally he starts saying YES, and in return, life started saying YES to him back. He got to meet a girl whom he liked, he got a job promotion, became close to his friends, made new friends. Simply he saw that life is actually worth living.

A great life coach “Azza Mahmoud” said once “I don’t know why they call it a comfort zone, it never gets them comfortable.” In Egypt, we have a concept that is “ What we know is better than what we don’t” which means basically bad things that we know is better than the unknown thing that may turn good or bad, and that's why we stay in our so cold comfort zone because we know it. Regardless of how comfortable we are actually in it.

In case you didn't see any of those 3 movies I recommend watching them and looking at them from these prospective, and you will see how they would affect you…

Finally, leave your comfort zone, Life starts right outside of it…


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