Inner Utopia

Think for a second what would happen if you said no to everything that upset you? to start actually standing up for yourself and give it the support and love it needs? In a perfect world, there would be no pain, right? there will only be a comfort and everyone will know exactly what are his rights and his duties, everyone will know his boundaries, and more importantly, everyone will be happy and relaxed simply because this would be the perfect world where there is nothing that can happen go wrong and people will always understand their limitations.

In 1516 Sir Thomas More wrote the first 'Utopia'. He coined the word 'utopia' from the Greek ou-topos meaning 'no place' or 'nowhere'. But this was a pun - the almost identical Greek word eu-topos means a good place

Now I know what you are going to say, we don’t live in a perfect world, and Utopia is a failed concept that wasn't even applicable, and that no matter who, everyone failed in applying it. Well, that's right and even I the most arguing person ever wouldn't argue that. But, we are not talking about creating the perfect city. We are simply talking about creating the perfect self, the Utopia within. Let's agree that no one will ever understand your pain, discomfort or drained energy as yourself, no matter how much you tried to explain it to them.

If you won't even respect your drained energy, how do you expect others to

This was said by the Life Coach Azza Abdel Aziz, which actually makes sense. For people to believe you are tired you need to actually acknowledge that to yourself. But again to the Inner Utopia thing, I really like that. How can we impose the perfect world inside yourself? the world where there is no pain, hurt, and exhausting.

1- You have to admit to yourself that while we are social creatures we do have every one of us a small introvert that every now and then needs to be granted its right to be alone.

2- You have to treat yourself and your world as a deserted country or island that needs a visa to visit. I don't mean here to be arrogant but to know your value and not allow everyone into your life.

3- Knowing people is great, but letting people in is a tricky business. Just like we have all studied in physics one day, The first law of thermodynamics, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. With that in mind, you should know that whenever you meet someone there is an energy channel opened between you two, and depending on how deep you go and how frequent you communicate that channel remains open. Depending on the other person you would see how your energy flow goes like. Some people will absorb your energy until you are drained, others will impose their positivity to you, and others would only be sending you their negative energy. So choose wisely who you allow to your life, and learn how to filter your energy channel.

4- Each of us has a circle of comfort that surrounds him, where the air is pure and toxins are filtered. Depending on our individuality the parameter of that circle is set. Since that circle is sterilized and balanced, any small disturbance can really affect it. That is why you shouldn't allow anyone inside it. Again am not asking you to be an introvert or anything, am just saying that you should always leave a small place where only you are allowed to be, to keep your personal aura clean and toxics-free. Final words would be as follow…

We all are looking for that inner Utopia, that inner peace. Only a few of us take actual steps to create it. No one will come f you and tell you “I believe you deserve inner peace, go ahead take a break from responsibilities or let be please respect your limitations”, only you have that power, to block people who invade your privacy and tell them to stop there, this is your last allowed point and beyond that is an only me area. just like that line in the airport that says “authorized personnel only”… Treat yourself right Remember to subscribe using your email at the top of the any page to always be updated with new posts


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