I met Mickey Mouse

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Wiggle your fingers, stomp the ground, mix them together, make some magic all around

Those were the magic words that turned the stage upside down at Disney Live Egypt Ok, so you know that moment when you realize you didn't age at all and you are still that young kid who gets fascinated by magic and more importantly by Disney? well, that was me today. Let me tell you 1st how things were at the entrance of Disney Magic Kingdom. So when I was 1st entering the venue, despite that I went for the 10 AM show which I believe took some of the magic of the night because I missed out all of the amazing lightings and so, yet the music took me back in time to ages and ages ago. It's not a nostalgia feeling, I didn't wish to be in the past, I was actually in my past. Mickey & Minnie’s Doorway to magic was not a metaphor for me, they really did take me to a magical place from just listening to “A whole new world” by Aladdin and “you have a friend in me”. Turned out that when I was booking the tickets for my kids I was actually booking them for me and my wife as well…

So when I made the online booking I decided to select the very front seat (which for me seemed way overpriced) but I wanted my kids to have the best experience ever, plus my little boy is a bit short so I didn't want him to miss anything. Little did I know that that specific front row gave me myself access to yet another magical doorway; I met Mickey Mouse, but back to that later. From the moment you step inside the building, you are treated by well-trained people, super hospitality that made you smile from the very entrance of the gate (as is you needed a reason to smile, Hello! you are in the magic kingdom). When I was entering I was literally scared to death my kids will raid my wallet and I would declare bankruptcy from 1 toy, yes stuff there were high prices but actually not as I imagined, it was a bit affordable giving that we are talking about official Disney merchandise here.

The organizing was amazing I have to say, from ushers who start by greeting you and checking the tickets, to those who take you to your seats. I remember once I entered the theater I asked the usher to capture that moment with my camera, she didn't even hesitate and took some really amazing pics for me and the family. I can’t emphasize enough on how friendly people were there, the smile was always on, and not a fake one.

Now let me tell you about the show, It all started with my beloved character who is no one but Donald Duck himself. For ages, I had been fascinated by Donald Duck, and today I got to see him dancing on the stage right in front of me. Our main four on-stage characters were Donald Duck, Minnie, Goofy, and Mickey Mouse. A lot of special appearances happened, between Buzz Lightyear and Snow White, Woody and Jessy, Aladdin and Jasmine, Tinker-bell (who waved at me), yes she looked at me and waved, yeyy me. there was also Cinderella who waved at my kids and fairy godmother bibbidi-bobbidi-boo and prince charming and also Rapunzel who was also waving at us. With some magic tricks and amazing lightings that startled adults as much as it did for kids, the whole experience was super entertaining. I thought that the live dancing show might be a bit boring, but to my surprise, it wasn’t at all. With all the dancing and singing, with all the magic words being said

Wiggle your fingers, stomp the ground, mix them together, make some magic all around

I don’t believe that was a second there where I got bored or uncomfortable, and if I got the opportunity I would do it again but this time bring me our Donald duck for the photos. I loved how they were able to manage to get all those characters without making it seem unrelated or boring. I really liked that show more than any other thing, ever.

Oh yes, The “I met Mickey Mouse” part. So near the end of the show, I was approached by one of the ushers who asked me if I wanted to get a photograph with Mickey, now for someone who spent the past 3 weeks looking for anyone who can grant me a backstage access to get that photo it was really big for me. I simply asked about the price of that photo shoot since it is only normal that it would be an extra service. To my surprise, it was actually part of the package of the VIP seats which was the 1st line, the one I almost didn't reserve but I did. I can't even start telling you how excited my kids were knowing they were going to get photographed with Mickey. We were asked to remain seated till the theater was cleared, then we were guided to where the photos were taken. Again you are treated by everyone with a smile, starting from the ushers to the Guards who are not Disney employees but Falcon Security staff. the line was organized well and a Dino Activations staff even offered to holder carry-ons till we get the photo. No rushing or hurry up. I must say this was my 1st time attending a Dino Activations organized event, and I believe it won't ever be my last. I want to really greet them for their hospitality and their great welcome to us. And again if I regret anything about this experience it would be that by night I am sure it would have been even more magical If you haven't booked your ticket yet there is still time, visit ticketmarche.com and book your show fast, you won't regret it I promise…

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