I dream of a world

و شباب العالم جاي من كل مكان في العالم علشان مستقبل أجيال

يبعت للدنيا بحالة رسالة خير و سلام هنا من أرض الأمان, من أرض السلام

I dream of a world where lust is everything we do I dream of a world, where everything we hope comes true No obstacle stands our way, no doubt and fear to chase away

With those amazing words went one of the most amazing universal songs ever made. I say universal because It was made by 11 performers from all over the world. from Egypt, Algeria, Greece, Italy, Russia, Kuwait, Brazil, Korea, India, and Kenya. Music does really unite us and bring us together, it removes all the limits and the boundaries between us. Music mixes our souls and blends them. We might not speak the same language, we might not even understand each other, but when it comes to music its only normal to see people from all over the world cheering for the same energetic song, crying for the same sad song, and dancing to the same song. Music is a universal language that transforms us to a different state of mind, it enlightens us. Yesterday 11 performer from all over the world stood together in the city of peace in the land of peace, singing one song in their own unique languages. And we fell in love with each and every word, even those we don’t understand, it’s energy reaches the heart. Truth said, There is nothing as beautiful as hearing this song over and over again.

The amazing sound of Mohamed El Sharnouby from Egypt The heart-melting voice of Malak El Husseiny from Egypt Mok Saib from Algeria and his sweet sweet tone Tania Breazou from Greece and her feeling that she delivered more than perfectly Thomas Grazioso from Italy gave me unexplainable joy and happiness and smile The soft sound of Nicole Knaus from Russia  Hamad El Qattan from Kuwait and the love that appears in every word he says Thais Macedo from Brazil and the fun she is having just singing Leesa from Korea a whole new experience listening to Korean  Amika Shail from India gave the joy of everything Indian Mayonde Masya from Kenya the heart and soul of Africa is in her voice

11 performers who melt our hearts with their words and feelings, who moved us and made us interact with them. 

I want to salute each and every one who participated in this extraordinary song, starting from 

Arabic lyrics

Amir Teima

English Lyrics Adaptation:

Zeinab Mobarak


Ehab Abdel Wahed

Music Arrangement:

El Nabulsi

Egypt Music Producer:

Anas Nasri

Mix and Digital Master: Tarek Madkour


©2018 by Helaly Writings