I am sorry, It is personal

A friend of mine just posted on Facebook the words “I am sorry it’s not personal” which got me thinking. Why do I have to apologize? I mean if it really is not personal whatever that was, why do I have to apologize then?The way I see it is that anything that requires me to say “I am sorry it's not personal” is usually something I had to do, and usually it is for my own comfort. For example avoiding certain outings or certain people, avoiding specific places and/or situations. So again why do I have to apologize for wanting my own comfort? isn’t being happy is one of self’s most important goals and tasks? You have your own values, your own interests. you have your own desires and dreams. It's only normal that you use your effort to satisfy that more than you use it to avoid X or Y being upset with you. Am not saying be rude, just know when to say no…“I am sorry its personal” is what we should use when someone object or stand in the way of us doing what we want to de that would make us happy.I am sorry I will paint my own house, it is personalI am sorry I will go dancing, it is personalI am sorry I will not go out with you today, it is personalI am sorry you just can't call me anytime and expect me to always free myself to you, it is personalI am sorry you just can't say no to me singing out in the street, it is personalI am sorry you can't object to me looking out for myself, it is personal

“look out for yourself. No one else would do it for you. If you were cheated or tricked, it was your own fault, and a lesson best learned before the world devoured you.” ― Kelley Armstrong, Omens

I have the right to spend the night watching cartoons or drinking hot cocoa, I have the right to smile all the day or cry all the night, I have the right of my personal space because I am sorry it is personal.You have to learn that its ok to reject someone or something because you are not ready, or not ok with it. You don't have to work under pressure, you don't have to hang out with people you don't like. you simply don't have to settle for less than your own personal comfort. So whenever something comes the way that you don't want, its ok to say I am sorry its personal. People around you should learn how to respect that not just because they love something that you should too, not just because they see something as small or insignificant that you should. Never be sorry for living for yourself a bit. A blogger posted a great piece recently called “killing the frog” and it simply got me to realize that the concept is far more than just adapting to the surrounding, it can be fatal to “just go with it and not make a big deal”. So again, learn that you have your own values, your own interests, learn to work for them and satisfy them, then look after anything else. And remember its ok to say I am sorry it is personal…


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