I am listening to trance now

For those who know me they sure know that I am the last person who would be listening to trance tracks, I was never a fan of that kind of music nor was I ever a fan of dancing or “moving to the rhythm”. I even remember being at Armin Van Buuren and sitting on my chair not moving or “chilling” as people call it. But, one day not too far ago I was at my favorite store ever Virgin Megastore and they were playing a track and I found myself moving with the beats. I was truly enjoying while am sure I must have heard that specific track more than dozen of times, but for a reason this time was different, I knew then I was ready to listen to trance tracks. Maybe not to attend DJ concert but that doesn't mean not to enjoy it otherwise.

But is it just about Trance? thing is we all have our preferences and that's ok, we all have our likes and dislikes and that's ok too, what's not ok is to avoid the things you don't like totally. Over time our preferences changes and what we used to hate before we might love today and vice versa. It's one thing to like and dislike and another thing to not know anything outside of your like zone, your comfort zone. I remember I used to hate the movie Interstellar so much that in the cinema I wanted to leave a couple of times, these days whenever I am bored and can’t find something to watch I play it, and I enjoy it.

I used to hate trance because of the way people act to it, all screaming and mingling in a way that I don't enjoy, I used to hate interstellar because I hate Matthew McConaughey, hate me as you wish but I really hate the man. Anyways, once I started isolating the things I hated in those 2 examples I started loving them. When I concentrated on the story and the little girl (Murph), I got really attached to the movie and to all of it, I got attached to the story and all the twists in it, I even started to feel sympathy for Cooper (The character and not Matthew McConaughey himself, still hate him). When I listened to that trance track at the store I realized I was alone, there were no people dancing and acting in the way I don't like, and so I did like it. Parasailing used to be one of the most things I fear ever, Rollercoasters had always been the one thing I always say “I would never ride one of those”, but as you might imagine I tried both under some really special circumstances and I did like them. The fear I had was not completely gone, but I found within that fear excitement.

What I want to say is don't completely shut down something just because when you tried it you were in a bad mood or there was an element that turned you off. Remember that there is no fixed fact in the world except change and change is a must for everyone and everything, what you hate now might be your favorite tomorrow, and when you adore today might be the most thing you hate.

It's ok to hold on to your preferences, to your likes and dislikes, but remember to try every once in a while to get out of that comfort zone and to always be open to new experiences.


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