Bring back the magic

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

As I said in my latest post Titled I met Mickey Mouse, Magic is still inside us, we just need something really special to dig it up in my case it was attending a Disney show. The question is why was it buried in the 1st place.I was watching a video for the motivational speaker Simon T. Bailey, who said very scary statistics for me. He said 

By the age of 17, A person would have heard a 150,000 Noand only 5000 Yes.

Yes, that is scary for me. Apparently all our life we have been told what we can’t do rather than what we can do. Why are kids always happier than adults? ever wondered? It can’t be the lack of responsibilities only, There must be another reason. Well, the truth is that we as kids used to have all sorts of imaginations, starting from imaginary friends to imaginary superpowers. Kids used to drive magic from books, cartoons, and role-playing games. Remember when we used to picture ourselves as policemen and firemen, Astronaut and Doctors, even painters and mechanics? We were enjoying ourselves really simply because we were allowed to. We were allowed to dream, allowed to imagine anything. For a reason that I don’t know kids are allowed to have a wild imagination while adults are not. At a certain point that person who wanted to be a policeman was told no you have to be a doctor like your father, the doctor was told no you have to be a mechanic like myself, the fireman was told no you have to be a policeman to follow up your family heritage, and you can only imagine what was told to the one wanted to be an astronaut. Being told what to do and what not to, starting from how to dress to what to like including food and TV shows, every single intervention and middling in kids life as they grow up sucks the magic out of them. Ever heard a criticism to someone his 30’s who love dressing up like cartoons? ever saw someone dancing and singing out loud in the street without seeing someone telling him “shh, people are looking at us”? Us allowing how others see us to affect ourselves is what really suck the magic. Find your passion bd stick to it...

I hate the idea of any kid missing out on the magic of reading

 Alexandra Adornetto - Australian Author

But again we shouldn’t play victims here, we are all responsible for the loss of magic. If you are a parent then you are guilty of trying to tame our kids' unlimited minds and capabilities and try to channel them to our own path. If we are teens or even adults, we are guilty of not trying to break free from that stigma and learn how to live our lives right. I remember on my 1st day of honeymoon I took my wife to watch High School Musical 3, seriously, I love them and I didn't see any wrong in watching a teen movie. When Power Rangers and TMNT I rushed to enter each and every one of them with the same excitement I had when I was a kid and watching them. Alvin and the chipmunks I was singing with them out loud in the cinema. We are the one who allows ourselves to be oppressed by simply allowing everyone around us to tell us what to do and what not to, to tell us the right and wrong…Bring the magic back, walk on your hands, sing in the street, smile regardless of what is happening. Say sorry without regards to the ego. Run in the rain and play football in the mud, because that is what kids do, and they really do know how to be happy. Search for the magic within you, go back to those days when you believed you could be whoever you want to be, then believe again.   Remember to subscribe using your email at the top of the any page to always be updated with new posts


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