A bench on PLuto (TEDxGUC)

Traditionally I would start this post by talking about how TED talks are inspiring and life-changing, and how was TEDxGUC 2018. But I just can't start talking about a day or an event without talking about the people who make that day worth it. There is a saying in Arabic that when translated goes like this “A heaven with no people is not livable”, so I want to give a small tribute to those who just like TED is Ideas Worth Spreading these people are People Worth Knowing and make the day Events Worth Attending. Am speaking about TEDx family, not the family of organizers but the family of attendees. Each year and each event that family grows larger and larger. a group of 15 this event was 2 groups of 7 last year and 4 groups of 3 the one before. What is really remarkable is that when you get friends with someone from a TEDx event they stay friends for life, and by the time they extend your circle to include their own TEDx friends, and that is how a spiderweb of friends is created. I must say I am blessed with the best people ever from TEDx events., I will say their descriptions and personalities and I believe if you attended just 1 event you will be able to spot them out. I have the Funny guy, the one who really makes you laugh just by simply speaking. You have the fun crazy girl, who every single person who met her once knows she is the dynamic of the group. There is the moment keeper, the one who never allow a moment to pass by unrecorded. Also, you have the kindest of all hearts, who becomes your best friend from just Hello. The "spread of the love" one who always walks by spreading the positive energy and support. finally, the dreamer who never settle, always advancing and always reaching her goals and creating new goals. These and more are my friends and family who I always look to attend TEDx event to see them, catch up and have fun. And if we are to speak using the event slogan metaphor, then those are the ones I want with me on my bench on Pluto. Sorry a long intro, but those very selected people really needed a shoutout.           Now for the event itself… TEDx itself had been always an obsession for me, Now I won’t go much into details here since there will be a Vlog describing the event and the talks. What I want to say is that as always it was really a pleasant event with some really interesting talks. I personally was way too much into two talks, the one with Dr. Sherein El Rayes that was about emotional abuse and the other talk of Dr. Ahmad Al Kabanny that was about using VR to work with Autistic children, both talks were for me straight to the point and affects a lot of people in so many ways. If I am to say something about Dr. Shereen talk, I would say that if I have learned anything from it it would be that being emotionally abused is not only emotionally damaging but physically as well, besides that, it falls on me allowing or not allowing being abused. As for Dr. Ahmed, Tech can really help in improving our quality of life way far than networking through Facebook and creating VR for games, it can be life-saving. The event was all in all 9 talks and 2 performances by Do’souqa and Ali Baghdadi If I would have a comment or a concern it would be just about the open area venue and the timing since it was midweek and ran late. For the 1st time since a long time, I do like the giveaway which was this amazing booklet…

The agenda was Divided as follow: Block I  Do'sauqa - Performance Amir Roushdy - Mind-controlled prosthetics Nora Kahil - Tt\e forgotten beauty of Downtown Cairo Yousra Hamouda - Philosophical thinking a day-to-day practice  Block II Ahmad AI Kabbany - Virtual reality's role in helping autistic children Ali Baghdadi - Performance Mustafa Hassanen - The farms of the future will have no soil Shereen El-Rayess - Emotional abuse a silent cycle  Block III  Ebtesam Ahmed - Breaking the stigma around pain management Irene Gabriel - Can shrimp shells become an alternative to plasticAhmad Borham - Inclusive Design. An alternative to the one-size-fits-all planning 

I will go more into details in the Video but until then, I leave you with My wishing that maybe next event I meet all of you there, and my circle grow even more. I would also say to wait for the Blog from Shahd Tea Party blog as she has never failed to surprise us with her best descriptive post about the event. ALso make sure to visit Zizo Photo album, He always know how to capture a moment Finally stop by Maroof Live as well, a lot of intresting people were in it.SHARE


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