6 tips on how to be productive working from home, and keep your sanity.

Updated: Apr 11

Once upon a time, the world was hit with a pandemic called Coronavirus or COVID-19, and suddenly everything changed. We became face to face with a huge challenge that was simply unprecedented. As days pass by in this quarantine, many companies started to implement working from home plans. This placed family members face to face for a long time, putting a challenge on relationships and family issues. This may be great for the kids to have their parents at home, maybe great to maintain physical health by preventing any sort of infections, but it sure is a huge kick to the mental health for the parent who was forced to work from home.

Dealing with COVID-19 fear and anxiety is stressful enough to put people under tremendous stress, add to that the day-to-day activities and tasks at home, and you have yourself a recipe for a nervous breakdown.

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Here are few things to do to be able to work, socialize (from home), and have fun. Some tools and ideas to make working from home online a better and easier process, especially for moms.

#1 when you go to work, go to work:

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It is important to have a dedicated place at home for your work. A fixed place to go to and sit in a regular work outfit or at least a comfy non-PJs outfit. It always helps when you set the mood for work so your mind and energy are dedicated to that mood. Pick a quiet place where you have enough space around you, where you are comfortable and with the least distractions possible.

#2 Stick to your game plan:

Time management is essential, especially if you have kids who are at home with you. You need to know how to manage your day and plan it perfectly so you can remain functional for both work and home, while still have a YOU time.

While on a regular working day you have round 8 hours at work, this is not the case at home. When home there is always something that needs your attention, from small things like answering the door, to major things like kids lighting the house on fire. And so, the best thing is to manage an hour or 2 then half an hour break, then repeat, giving that the work is not time-sensitive.

BBC made a funny clip about multitasking working from home mommy…

Meanwhile, give your kids something to keep them busy. Either give them crayons and papers to draw, a story to read. Or a smart idea to give them a task to clean their room or something and reward them in your break, that way you made them busy and at the same time you reduced some of the work you have to do later, removed a task.

#3 Stick to a routine

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It is best to always stick to a routine, if you are a coffee or tea person in the morning, start with it. If you are one of those who work out in the morning then do, then sit at your desk or designated place and start your work. Always remember that if your work should start at say 9 am, don’t wake up 8:55, wake up at a reasonable time and start your morning routine then sit to your place and start your work.

4# Take a break

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Since you are now working from home, the concept of Out of office is a bit tricky, since the home is now your office.

It is well recommended that once you finish work, go out in your balcony, window, if you have a garden, go walk in the street for 5 mins and return, anything that tells your subconscious that you left work. Also, it is very important once you finished work to stop working, meaning to cut off anything related to work, not just because work is in the same place of your home that you don’t set work boundaries, don’t allow work to hijack the rest of your day.

#5 Go out, while inside

Isolation is horrible, it's against most humans' nature unless you are an introvert then maybe it's ok 😊, but isolation is an unnatural thing. Learn new ways to socialize, HouseParty, Zoom, or Google Duo. And there is always the option to do like the Italians and start singing together with your neighbors through balconies and windows. The most important thing is to always keep yourself around people even if it's virtual. They say we need social distancing, not social isolation.

#6 Think out of the fridge

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Speaking from personal experience and am sure many of you if not all of you do the same, 1st thing we do once we feel bored we run to the fridge to answer the ultimate question, what to eat?

It’s a well-known fact that eating well has a direct relationship to our mood, and that is why fighting the temptation of opening that fridge might be one of the hardest things to do ever. That is why it's important to keep beside you healthy snacks, fruits and vegetables to keep nipping on them whenever you feel need to grab a bite.

Finally, always have a go-to person whenever you feel about going into depression or just bored, someone you trust to talk to about whatever is bothering you.

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