32 and counting, Happy birthday me

Today I celebrated my 32nd birthday, turning the page on a chapter and starting a new one, Starting my 33. 32 huh, I thought it would be scary, but actually, it wasn’t. After all, after crossing the 30’s milestone those extra digits don’t make such a difference. “Age is just a number” is a phrase I lived my whole life by. When I was young I used to have a lot of older friends who I fitted with perfectly, never was my age an issue for any of them. And now I would watch a cartoon or run in the rain like children and still, it doesn’t get affected by my age. Age is just a number because it doesn’t control you grow old or not. You may be in your 20’s and all you do is sit on your couch watching TV, and you might be in your 80’s and still have a walk in the club and have dinner out with friends. What actually control if we grow old or no is no else than ourselves. I remember when I turned 30 I kept saying am not 30 years old, I am 25 years old + 5 experience. Many didn't understand me back then, but I meant it, that I decided at the age 25 not to grow old. Numbers hold a lot of meanings, but the most important and famous number is 11 since in many cultures the number 11 signs for angels and spiritual portals. Here I am in my last year of the 3rd 11 patch of years, the last year in the 3rd portal. So let me look back on My major events in that 3rd 11 (from 22 - 33). In the beginning of that phase, in the 1st year, I got engaged. A new step which would have been scary for many, but it wasn’t for me. Within those years I graduated, got married, been blessed with 2 amazing kids, got a new home, new car, another new car, started my own business, and just this year been a co-author in a short stories book, and there is still another year left, which I believe is a key year to come. I believe I never regretted anything ever, never regretted missing an opportunity, not buying something, buying something. Never regretted going somewhere, doing something or getting to know someone. In my 32 years, I came across many k8nds of people, I have been blessed with the best friends, nd i came across the assholes as well. But I am proud of who I became, and of those people around me who always push me to the better. I came across few secrets of life that everyone knows but only a few understand, and fewer live by them. I figured out that because of social media we lost a lot of human touch, whatever is not on your wall is not important for me to know. So I created a HELALY manual for begginers, top 32 things... Top 32 life facts and quotes:

  1. There is nothing in life that you can’t turn in your favor. Even the worst things can be a lesson for you.

  2. Everything happens for a reason, believe that whatever comes your way is meant to support you, enrich you, or teach you.

  3. Not everyone who gets into your life is meant to stay. Some are permanent residents and some are temp maintenance, guys.

  4. Good deeds never go unnoticed, if no one noticed it always remember Karma is always there, and God is always watching.

  5. No one lived longer by worrying too much.

  6. No one succeeded by looking forward only or looking back only. looking back teaches us, looking forward inspire us. Use a smart mix.

  7. A true friend worth more than 100 fake ones.

  8. A true friend worth much more than football field filled with gold.

  9. A truly loyal friend is as rare as (something rare)

  10. Life can be a battle for those who want to fight, they may earn a lot but they get hurt a lot.

  11. Life can be a ballroom for those who wish to dance, they may not gain as much, but they enjoy it to the max.

  12. Tears and smiles are life companions and create universal equilibrium if one is missing the balance is messed up.

  13. Judgers will always judge, so don’t care what people say as long as you are deeply ok. They will talk anyway.

  14. People change must be coming from within, if changes are forced it is never permanent.

  15. Change is the only unchangeable fact.

  16. Even the best things in life, taste nothing without your friends being there with you.

  17. Loyalty is a treasure that only a few possess.

  18. Being smart is not always about being right, it is also when to admit you were wrong.

  19. To be successful you need to lose sometimes.

  20. When you want something from life, life starts to put obstacles in your way to test you. When you hold on to that thing, the whole universe work with you to get it.

  21. Money does not mean everything, and can’t buy everything.

  22. We are all fighting our own battles, so be tolerant and supportive

  23. Impossible is only a word created to describe things we don’t dare to do or don't want to. Nothing truly is impossible.

  24. No one holds your happiness keys by default, you voluntarily give it to them.

  25. A hug, a kind word, a tap on the shoulder and a forehead kiss are the word greatest tools.

  26. Nothing sexier than confidence and a smile

  27. The beautiful moon that we all love is just a cold dark stone, and it is only reflecting the light of the burning sun which is actually a star. Not everything is actually as seen.

  28. The body dies, souls return to god. But thoughts, and memories live forever. 

  29. Mind your words, words can take someone's life, or bring life to someone.

  30. Being nice always pays off

  31. Not every smile is a happy one and not every tear hold sadness.

  32. Age is just a number 

My 32 top uninteresting favorite things:

  1. Favorite male superhero: Ironman 

  2. Favorite female superhero: Black widow 

  3. Favorite villain: Michael Corleone (God Father) 

  4. Favorite drama series: Game of Thrones 

  5. Favorite Game of Thrones character: stark family + Emily Clark 

  6. Favorite comedy series: Friends 

  7. Favorite friends character: Joey - Rachel 

  8. Favorite recent movie: Eat, Pray, Love - Secret Life of Walter Mitty 

  9. Favorite movie of all times: The God Father 

  10. Favorite book: The monk who sold his Ferrari 

  11. Favorite western actor: Tom Hanks 

  12. Favorite western actress: Jennifer Aniston 

  13. Favorite easter actor: Mohamed sobhy - Mohamed Emam 

  14. Favourite Easter actress: Seba Mobarak - Hend Sabry 

  15. Favorite ice cream flavor: Vanilla 

  16. Favorite color: Black - Blue 

  17. Favorite Arab country: Jordan 

  18. Favorite western TV host: Ellen Degeneres 

  19. Favorite eastern TV host: Amr Adib 

  20. Favorite TV host of all types: Abla Fahita 

  21. Favorite Author: Dan Brown 

  22. Favorite male singer: Pharrell Williams 

  23. Favorite female singer: Demi Lovato - Dua lipa 

  24. Favorite band: Coldplay 

  25. Favorite city: Rome 

  26. Favorite season: Winter 

  27. Favorite brand: Burberry 

  28. Favorite animated character: Donald Duck 

  29. Favorite restaurant: Porto doro 

  30. Favorite era: The 30’s - 40's 

  31. Favorite food: Banana 

  32. Favorite animated movie: Toy story 

32 uninteresting facts about me:

  1. I am Scorpio 

  2. I support Ahly team 

  3. I am a light sleeper 

  4. I support Barcelona

  5. I really love Egypt and wouldn't choose another 

  6. I love pasta 

  7. I am loyal to my friends 

  8. I love Spain 

  9. I wish to visit Barcelona 

  10. I am a Samsung user 

  11. I love black and blue 

  12. I love to write 

  13. I love to draw 

  14. I can’t draw 

  15. I love to cook 

  16. I have brand loyalty to Coca-Cola 

  17. I am a coffeeholic 

  18. I love my family 

  19. I love my friends 

  20. I believe some friends are family 

  21. I love to buy ties 

  22. I don’t wear ties 

  23. I love charity work 

  24. I believe Steve jobs meant to leave me his money but forgot 

  25. I am waiting for Bill Gates not to make the same mistake 

  26. I wish to be a famous author 

  27. I love people who are easy 

  28. I wish to be a speaker at TED 

  29. I can never get enough pizza 

  30. I can never wear pink 

  31. I believe crystals are overrated clean glass 

  32. I am a dreamer

32 uninteresting things I hate or dislike:

  1. Sand

  2. Matthew McConaughey

  3. Rap songs

  4. Fake people

  5. Chinaware 

  6. Grape juice

  7. Spinach

  8. Seafood

  9. Lack of time punctuality

  10. Mathew McConaughey (I really hate him)

  11. The “I disagree” people for no reason other than objecting.

  12. Ungratefulness

  13. Disrespect

  14. Sound of metals rubbing against each other

  15. Hot weather

  16. Direct sun in my face

  17. Cats

  18. Green tea

  19. Cold water showers

  20. Metal Songs

  21. Guys and girls who pay no respect to the opposite sex

  22. extreme opinions, gray color do exist

  23. Doctors, especially dentists (no offense )

  24. Headaches

  25. Papercuts 

  26. Speed radar

  27. Missing the trailers in a movie

  28. Shopping

  29. Wet dishes

  30. Missing social events

  31. Having to explain myself

  32. Making list of things I hate


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