2018 Hopes and dreams

Dear 2017, I don't hate you like most people do. You didn't bring me sadness or sorrow. I know very well that whatever pain or hard times I may have experienced in you was only meant to make me tougher, better and reach higher. On the other hand I met great people though out your days, I got closer to some great people and you drovethe bad ones away. I reached new levels either personal through new home, professional through advancing in my work. And while I don't hate you, but am looking forward to 2018. For you 2018, In God I believe, not in you. I believe that the days to come carries for me the best ever. I believe that your days carries for me success, advancement and a lot of gains. That was my believes, now my hopes? I hope to be a better person I hope to de more kind acts for people I hope to learn new stuff I hope to learn new language I hope to be useful for my friends and family I hope for every sick person to be cured, for every in debt person to be settled. I hope for every lonely person to find company, for every lost person to find home. I hope I can do more for people, and I hope that no one faces pain, suffer or get hurt... Happy New Year everyone

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