13 reasons why

Not so far away I was introduced to a TV series on NETFLIX called “13 reasons why”, Now SPOILER ALERT, because in here I will talk about stuff related to that show, I won't be talking about the show itself as critiquing it, but talking about life and how 13 reasons why is a Flagging tag on a lot of issues in our daily life. It shows how bullies do it and yet get away with is, how we create bullies, and how we create desperate people...

13 Reasons Why is a fictional series that tackles tough, real-world issues, taking a look at sexual assault, substance abuse, suicide, and more. By shedding a light on these difficult topics, we hope our show can help viewers start a conversation. But if you are struggling with these issues yourself, this series may not be right for you or you may want to watch it with a trusted adult.

This is how the season starts, by a warning about what to expect from the show, and I really find it fair to warn because I have to say after a while of watching, you stop seeing it as a series and you start getting attached and hooked up. The thing about 13 reasons why that makes it for me a game changer in the area of TV series is that it doesn't say everything is ok and they lived happily ever after, it doesn't say that there is only 1 reason for everything. It's called 13 reasons why, but watching it will tell you its not only 13. Usually, it is not the major stuff that hurt us but the small stuff that just passes under the radar. small layers of mocking and imitating, making fun and bullying, loneliness and emptiness, all those stuff are accumulative stuff.

Maybe you think I'm being silly. I'm some stupid girl who gets all worked up over a little thing. But little things matter.

Never forget that what you have today is not necessarily there tomorrow, don't wait to show your support to your friends. I have to say after a couple of episodes of the show I wasn’t sure if I can watch it, it got to me hard since it showed everything each and everyone faces. I am not saying that what Hannah did in the show was right or that there is any normal or reasonable justification for someone to end his own life, but there are always more sides to that one story you were told, and some people just don't have the power or strength to face that alone.

Ever been called fat? ugly, nerd, ever been told stupid? ever heard someone saying “retarded” about someone? unfortunately this is a thing that faces all of us in life, believe it or not, we are all bullies, in the show, there was this part where Clay decided to take revenge for his dead friend Hannah by hurting those who once hurt her, and in the middle, his mom asked him

“Is someone bullying you?” and his reply was

“What if I was the bully?”

I won't tell you bullying is bad and you should not do it because hello, bullying is bad and you should not do it and you already know that. But what I will say is that in each one of us there is a bully, who decides to show at different points, some don't even show it because they are weak, but give them the strength and watch that bullying.

at the end Hannah was called a slut, was raped, watch another getting raped, was dismissed when needed to talk, was neglected sometimes and ignored some others. Does this give her the right t take her life? no, but come on, who between us didn't hurt himself one way or another? we always want someone to talk to, and in that case, Hannah didn't find that person.

The show was meant to address more than normal bullying, it was meant to address the small little things that we never pay attention to. The one “Fuck you” you said while angry, or “I hate you” that came out of your mouth while in a fight. That time your kid was scared and you just didn't have time to sleep beside them or was upset and you didn't have time to hear them out. I am an introvert despite what it may appear, so I understand that not because someone is smiling or is sounding fine that he/she are fine. I have been suffering from shoulder dislocation for over 12 years now, and same with a migraine. Yet come and talk to me you will find me smiling and talking to the limit that others forget that not because I don't go around saying I am in pain that I am not. I want to talk from personal experience, I love writing and all that does with it, and when I used to write something and not get the feedback or support I wish from people I used to be upset and maybe depressed that they just ignored it, but I realized all that matter is 1 person believing in you, and that's yourself.

Why didn't you say this to me when I was alive?

And there is the point, don't look at the faces but rather look at the reasons. If your kid, your friend, your partner came to complain about being alone or about anything in fact just don't dismiss them because you don’t have time, one day you might regret that. Not because they might kill themselves as Hannah did, but death is not only physical, there are a lot of people whose bodies are alive but souls are way gone.

I think I've made myself very clear, but no one's coming forward to stop me.

Below are my 13 years why life is worth living, but before that let me say one thing. I am always here for a talk, and I am starting a section in my website for each and everyone who has something they want to say, talk or tell their story or just spill out a secret that they don't want anyone to know about, press here to go to that page Tell Your Story. We are all one family and I am always here for anyone who ever needs me. And before I end up I leave you with this, If you really care about someone, make them feel wanted, make them feel not alone, and make them feel always welcomed, teach your kids to be compassionate, teach yourself to be understanding…

  1. My kids

  2. Good people in your life

  3. Goals and dreams you might have

  4. There is no absolute right or wrong

  5. I am unique, and so are you

  6. Chocolate

  7. Life is full of surprises

  8. I have control over my destiny, and so does you

  9. Love

  10. Books

  11. Netflix

  12. No matter how bad, there is always a hidden smile somewhere

  13. Because I believe I can make a change and have an impact

  14. ….. (comment with your number 14th reason)


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