Razan El Maghraby

Never Have I Ever...

...Missed a flight because I overslept 


"No, I never oversleep, I don't sleep. But yes I missed a flight because of overworking.

I used to travel a lot when I was living and working in London, especially that my show was

all about trips to Hollywood and Newyork and to festival areas. So yes I missed flights 

before, especially when it is connection flight so when you lose the time on the 1st one 

you lose time on the next one. And sometimes I missed flights because I talk while sitting at the lounge we talk and time flies and since the gates are far, yeah we miss flights sometimes." 


...Met someone whom I knew but for the whole conversation I just

couldn't remember his name 


'That is the story of my life, you are talking about me breathing here. This is the most embarrassing thing that ever happens to me every single day. today I was arriving at the airport and it did happen to me with people I know for ages, it's really embarrassing sometimes." 


...Danced in an elevator 


"10000 times, I am a dancer, I love dancing everywhere." 


...Been stalked by a fan 


Yahhhh, 100000 times. I had a scary one in England he used to send me horrible packages with horrible letters and dirty things, he was a weirdo. 


...Texted for 4 hours straight 


"Even more than 4 hours, its called love" 


...Cried in public because of a song 


"Yeah, because of a song, a movie. I was brought up to express myself. I cry when 

saying bye at the airport and the train station, but that's not a problem." 


...Dyed my hair a crazy color 


Yes, Akid 


...Broke a bone



...Been trapped in an elevator 


"All the time, in Lebanon, we didn't have electricity so we always got trapped in elevators. It wasn't a nice 

experience since it was risky, it's also a war-related memory." 


...Had a bad fall because I was texting 


HAHA, it's a yes then :) 


...Broken something at a friend's house and not tell 




...Tried to cut my own hair 


"Always, All the time. And I dye it too myself. I cut Rams' hair now myself." 


...Completely forgot my lines 


"All the time, that happens all the time. I actually don't have lines, I make them up. Because 

I have a strong memory, it used to be stronger and it gets weaken over the time due to responsibilities.

But I really never had lines, and if I forgot my lines I always improvise, I go with points and not lines." 


...Ran to save my life 


No, I never had to run to save my life, even though I lived in the war in Lebanon when I was

young. And we had to go to shelters. I don't know if that was running for my life, I used to leave home and go to a shelter underground, but I can't say I had to run seriously for my life.

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