El Helaly Tekeia

What does El Tekeia means ?

It is heritage, It Is a home, lodging for travelers, a hospice or asylum for the needy. And Like any "Tekeia" it's all about the people and things that matter to them.

El tekeia is a place where people come together from different cultures and backgrounds, and that is why here you will find writings in Arabic, English and if one day I learned Italian or French I would then write in then too, why not. I am looking forward at my tekeia to hear more of real stories, real lives of real people. I want to talk about issues that matter the most to people regardless of who they are or how many are they, if it matters to 1 person then here is your place, and I hope to be a good host for you :)


يعني ايه تكية ؟
التكية هي تراث، هي مكان للمسافرين و ملجأ للمحتاجين. و زي أي تكية الكل مرحب بيه و رأي الجميع مهم...
التكية هي مكان بيجمع الناس من كل الاشكال و الخلفيات و الثقافات، و علشان كدا الكتابة هنا بالعربي و الانجليزي و لو ربنا كرمني و اتعلمت إيطالي أو فرنساوي :)
متوقع إني اسمع قصص حقيقية و حكايات حقيقية من ناس حقيقية. مستني اسمع و اتكلم عن الحاجات اللي بتهم الناس، مش مهم عدد الناس ولا هما مين، طالما مهمة لشخص واحد هي مهمة لي...

The Ws

There are 5 main W questions that always need to be asked to ourselves

Why do we do what we do

Where do we believe this will take us

When is the best time to do it

Who am I really doing this for

What if I did it another way or didn't do it

The answer to those 5 Ws can change everything...

And remember, No one will believe in your dream if you are not sure

Ahmed Helaly

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